1. How to unpack the RSE-scanner

Cut the safety straps, remove transportation frames and check that you got all the accessories.

2. Unpack the accessories

Near field probes, pre-amplifier, software & software manual, probe holder and cables.

3. Connecting cables

Select one of the three videos below depending on which cable you have.

RS232 cable

RS232-to-USB cable

Network cable

4. Connecting the near field probe and pre-amplifier

Connect extension and near field probe. Put the probe into the probe holder and connect cables. Place the near field probe in the carriage and push the probe down to the coordinate grid. The near field probe should touch the coordinate grid when the micro switch makes a sound. Connect the pre-amplifier on to the scanner with Velcro, then connect the cables from the pre-amplifier to the spectrum analyzer.

5. Calibrating the origin position of the probe on RSE